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Senator Moran Files Amendments To The Invest Visa Provisions For Senate Floor (Startup Act/X-visa/EB6)

Senator Moran has been a champion and advocate for jump starting the economy through the Startup Visa Act. He introduced the Startup Act in past years and has worked relentlessly to make it a reality.  As we have seen, the Startup Visa Act provisions were included in the broader bill for comprehensive immigration reform.  Now called Invest Visa, Senator Moran promised to improve the provisions.  On May 22, 2013, he spoke at the Senate about his intention to file such amendments. See video below. True to his word, Senator Moran and his hardworking office, filed the amendments today.

Watson Immigration Law is proud to have had the extreme privilege to assist the Senator’s office with these amendments. We are grateful to have had the opportunity.  I thank Senator Moran and his very able to staff for taking the initiative and for their dedication to this issue. Now the waiting begins for the debate and counting votes! Please call your Senator’s office and ask them to vote yes to these amendments!