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You’ve Been Charted! (by WIL and CIR)

CIR Bill picEver since the bill for comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) was released, some of us have lost sleep. A lot of sleep, in fact.  Thank goodness for  coffee and eye make up, I can tell you!

I’ve resigned myself to having a self-confessed addiction – “addiction to the bill”.  When my day job ends, and my night job ends (being a mummy),  my mid-night job kicks in. I sit at my desk with my laptop and my binder and  can’t stop reading the bill, taking notes, highlighting and studying the statutory language that sometimes doesn’t make sense at first, second or third reading.  Through this crazy passion derives pretty, picturesque and easy to read charts we have started to create on different topics.

Family-based immigration changes flowchart created by Tahmina Watson

Family-based immigration changes flowchart created by Tahmina Watson

The excitement and enthusiasm is contagious.  Everyone at our office participates (perhaps not the midnight reading part).  There are reviews and lively discussions.  There are debates and arguments. The INA and CFR books come flying off the shelves and debates continue.  It is safe to say we have reached CIR epidemic around here.

Admittedly,  my “chart obssessiveness” can be a little overwhelming sometimes.  The other day, after reviewing one of our charts a few times, Silviya had to make a quick exit-  “in case you show me another chart!” she said. I couldn’t help but giggle to myself after she left.

But why such obssessiveness, you may ask?  The answer is simple. To be a better lawyer for all our current and future clients, for all our readers, and of course for myself. If immigration reform happens, there will not be a lot of time to learn such complex issues, so why not get a head start? My clients are smart people who ask complicated and smart questions who need solid answers now.

So, rest assured that with this obssessive compulsive ‘charting’ going on over here, your lawyer is going to be even better at her job to ensure you are assisted in the best possible way! But beware, you might be ‘charted’ if you show any CIR enthusiasm too!

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