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Israeli Nationals Eligible for Treaty Investor Visas

USCIS has announced that, on May 1st, certain Israeli nationals lawfully present in the United States will be eligible to change status to E-2 classification.   Copied from USCIS:   Certain Israeli nationals who are lawfully present in the United States will soon be able to request a change of status to the E-2 treaty[…]

Immigrant Entrepreneurs Must be Included in Immigration Executive Action

Not a day goes by in the US that an immigrant entrepreneur’s contributions are not making a deep  and lasting impact.  Watch the below video from the Partnership for a New American Economy to see how immigrant inventors’ inventions are used in your daily life.  At this unique juncture with imminent executive action announcements, where[…]

E2 visa now available to citizens of Israel

The E2 visa, which is country specific Treaty Trader visa, was extended to citizens of Israel in 2012 by the US government. However, that needed to be approved by the Israeli government too.  On March 30, 2014, the government of Israel finally  approved the Treaty provisions and as of this week, citizens of Israel can[…]