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New Startup Visa Podcast Inspired by Book! Episode 1 Out Now

Tahmina host of new Startup Visa Podcast! US immigration laws are one of the biggest challenges for startups trying to enter the US market. This podcast is about US immigration issues for startup founders and international entrepreneurs. US-based startups/employers struggle to hire talented minds who often need work visas. International entrepreneurs and founders need to navigate the US immigration maze to understand how to enter the US market legally. Tahmina Watson, author of the book The Startup Visa (2nd edition) and a Business Insider listed top immigration lawyer for startups has been working in this field since 2006. She has been a staunch advocate for a Startup Visa in the US and worked closely with the Obama administration on the International Entrepreneur Parole program. Find the podcast here  

Episode #1 Out Now with William Dean, VP of Immigration at Masterplans

Thank you for tuning in to The Startup Visa Podcast. In this episode, I am honored to speak with William Dean, VP of Immigration at Masterplans. William has frequently been a featured panelist at the EB-5 Investors Conference, having spoken on direct investment, business visa options, and franchising. He is also a contributing author to the magazine, writing about job calculations for EB-5 petitioners and the hurdles of the L-1 visa platform.

The inaugural episodes of the Startup Visa Podcast are brought to you by Masterplans. “Entrepreneurs choose Masterplans because we marry experience with efficiency. With more than 20 years’ experience and over 18,000 business plans under our belt, we deliver best-in-class research, financial modeling, and strategic direction–allowing you to do what you do best.”  Learn more at

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