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Israeli investors can now apply for E2 visas

As I tell my clients, an E2 visa is a very nice visa to utilize if all the requirements are met. But most importantly, if your country is on the Treaty Countries list.  A large portion of my clientele are from India and cannot apply for an E2 simply because India is not on the country list.  Recently, a bill was introduced to allow Israel to be on the list.  In a relative fast fashion, the bill is now signed into law. Hopefully, citizens of Israel will be able to come to the US on this visa and help boost the economy.  Below is a copy of the text from The Hill newspaper.

White House signs Israeli investor visa bill
By Julian Pecquet – 06/11/12 04:13 PM ET
President Obama on Monday signed into law legislation making Israelis eligible for two-year investor visas.

The legislation from Rep. Howard Berman (D-Calif.) cleared the House and Senate without objection. Israel is already one of the largest sources of foreign direct investment to the United States, but the E-2 visas for investors to come investigate business opportunities should help both the United States and Israel.

Berman is locked in a tight primary race with Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), and both lawmakers have sought to court Jewish voters and the California business community, two constituencies that support the visa bill.
“Israeli investors have a natural home in the San Fernando Valley and Southern California to expand their businesses, hire American workers, and strengthen the economy,” Berman said in a statement.