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Why We Need Start-Up Visa Laws for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

 The below article was originally published on Watson Immigration Law Blog on December 5th. The article drew attention from Yahoo! News, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, International Business Times, San Jose Mercury News, LA Daily News,  and many other press outlets. The below version is slightly edited to include additional commentary about the national interest waiver option for[…]

Why We need Startup Visa laws for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Why We need Startup Visa laws for Immigrant Entrepreneurs –          Tahmina Watson, immigration attorney With the recent election, America’s voters have placed renewed trust in President Obama, and immigration remains a hot topic.  In the days following the election, there was already chitter-chatter about comprehensive immigration reform in 2013. Wouldn’t that be great! I will[…]

Start-Up Act 2.0 To Be Introduced On May 22, 2012

On May 22, 2012 a new bill called The Start-Up Act 2.0 will be introduced in Congress.  It will be built upon the Start-Up Act introduced by Sen. Moran and Warner last year.  U.S. Senators Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Chris Coons (D-Del.), Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.) along with Steve Case, Revolution LLC CEO[…]

‘Entrepreneur in Residence’ program launches in Sillicon Valley- a brief summary

On February 22, 2012, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) formally launched its new initiative ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’ (EIR).  The event was held at Nasa Research Park, Moffet Field in Sillicon Valley.  The event was hosted by the USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas himself. Some thirty of the top USCIS officials attended the event[…]

‘Entrepreneur in Residence’ program launched today in Sillicon Valley

Today, the Entrepreneur in Residence program was officially launched. Read about it here. I will write a full summary soon. Stay tuned!   Read our summary here.

Other countries waiting for the Start-Up visa too

I had to smile reading this article as the author appears to be watching for a kettle to boil too, just like I feel I am in the US.  In the US, The Start-Up visa Act was introduced in 2010, and we are still waiting for it to become law for the same reasons described[…]

Other countries are ‘cashing in’ on the foreign entrepreneurs

While the US seems to be thinking about how to get foreign entrepreneurs here, other countries are already implementing measures. I hope we are not too far behind.  The below article was published on the website Start Up Smart.  Below is a copy of the text for easy reference.  In case it is misunderstood, I want[…]

entrepreneur-friendly immigration

The below article is published by Fierce Homeland Security which reports on the US Chambers of Commerce calling for immigration options for immigrant entrepreneurs, a subject I feel very strongly about.  – Tahmina U.S. Chamber of Commerce argues for entrepreneur-friendly immigration practices January 25, 2012 — 6:28pm ET | By Zach Rausnitz The government should create[…]

Obama on Immigration at the State of the Union speech 2012

President Obama addressed immigration issues at the State of the Union Speech on January 24, 2012. He called for Comprehensive Immigration Reform but recognized that in an election year, it could be a challenge to bring about. So, he said as an immediate step, the Dream Act and Start Up Act (my interpretation) should be[…]

Immigration in 2011- That’s a wrap! Immigration hopes for 2012?

As we say good-bye to 2011, what have been the highlights in immigration law? Well, not a lot of good news. Alabama and some other parts of the country have seen some horrendous immigration laws come into effect. Employment enforcement has seen a record increase. E-verify drastically affected the farming and restaurant industry. A record[…]