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Vote If You Want Immigration Reform!

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To all my readers and clients- if you truly care about immigration reform- then now is the time to have your voice heard and vote. The last day to vote for the midterm elections is today.  The biggest power one has as a citizen, is the power to vote for your representative. It is your representative both at the House of Congress and the Senate that is making decisions that affect your lives.natz ceremony

We have seen immigration reform blocked at the House even though it passed through Senate.  It almost passed in 2007 and then again in 2013.  When will see our archaic immigration laws modernize? The President cannot change law, Congress needs to do that. Families are separated, businesses are crippled. The rest of the world is recognizing the importance of immigrants and welcoming them with open arms.

So, act. Act to have your voice heard. Act to make change. This is your opportunity.  Here are photos from when we became US citizens at our office.  We voted. Have you?