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GOP Takes Senate: Will We Still See Executive Action?

Last night, the mid-term election results showed that the Republicans took majority control of the Senate. They have even more seats at the House too.  With a Republican controlled Congress, what will happen to immigration reform?

To my readers and clients, if you are wondering about immigration reform, here are my thoughts: I don’t think much will change in practice, things will continue to get blocked in Congress, especially with any part of a bill referring to immigration.  Democrats will be at odds with the terms of any such bill so there will unlikely be agreement on what should pass.

The big question is whether President Obama will continue with his plans for executive action on immigration reform.  I believe he will.  He has made too many promises that this is one that must be kept.  It will be interesting to see how wide in scope any executive action will be. I suggest we continue to rally around the POTUS and ensure he gets the support he needs for executive action on immigration.  Write to the White House if this is a concern of yours. Now is the time to do it!