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Tahmina Speaks Up On Executive Action for Entrepreneurs

TW SATX book signing Last weekend was a whirlwind of advocacy and discussion of the new book.  Startup founders create jobs in the US and we need to have a visa to meet the modern day business practices. and Free Flow Research in San Antonio, TX held a pitch for investment competition for global entrepreneurs.  The #SATX event was very well attended and was a display of several talented entrepreneurs.  I was honored to be invited and to say a few words on the need for a Startup Visa and on the pending details on Entrepreneurial Parole through Executive Action. There was also a best tweet book giveaway of our book.  Thank you to and @FreeFlowSearch for the invitation.

The San Antonio local Time Warner Cable news covSATX signed booksered the event.  Here is a link.   Thee are more posts on our Twitter page @tahminawatson.

We hope that immigration policy announcements for high-skilled immigration and specifically for entrepreneurs are released soon!