Hoping for Immigration Reform and supporting the next president of the US.

The journey to comprehensive immigration reform is a long one- one that requires consistent advocacy, perseverance and continuous engagement and awareness of this process known a democracy.  Immigration reform is only possible through Congress and since it has not happened in the last 8 years of President Obama’s presidency, we have to look towards the next president[…]

WIL Out and About

Dear Readers, It has been a busy first half of 2016. As you may have noticed, my radio show “immigration with Tahmina” on Desi 1250am is doing well and my pursuit for immigration reform is in full force! If you want to see immigration reform and have something to say, call into the show! The number is 844-301-1250.[…]

Rashi Bhatnagar- “H4 Visa, A Curse” Founder/Advocate- on Tahmina’s Radio Show 5/31

We are so honored to announce that our next guest on May 31st at 10am PST on “Immigration with Tahmina” Desi 1250am radio will be the outstanding immigrant advocate Rashi Bhatnagar! Rashi founded the group “H4 Visa, A Curse” which was a grass root movement to bring about employment-authorization for H4 visa holders. After years of[…]