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Celebrating One Year of “Immigration with Tahmina” on Desi 1250 AM Radio!


Photo credit Minal d Monga Photography

Celebrating my one year anniversary of being a radio show host at Desi1250AM!

Thank you Desi1250AM for bringing the South Asian community together and providing new and old Bollywood music and much more to us in our cars, kitchens and everywhere else

Thank you also for the brand new celebratory show banner up on the website at www.desi1250am! Am grateful to everyone at the Desi1250am studio as well as to each and every one of my guests who joined me on my show “Immigration with Tahmina” throughout the year- it has been a privilege to interview leaders in our community and our country. Finally, a big thank you to all the listeners near and far!

I look forward to a new year of continuous immigration news updates and fantastic guests who are making a big difference. I hope I will be lucky enough to talk about immigration reform as it happens in 2017 when we have Hillary Clinton as our president!  Here’s to another great year on radio!