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EB5 New Proposed Rule Increases Investment to $1.3 million & $1.8 million

USCIS made a surprise announcement with a new proposed rule today for EB5s. As many of my readers will know, Congress has tried to make many changes and increase the minimum investment for some time without success. Looks like DHS is taking matters into its own hands. The new proposed rule will be official published tomorrow (1/13/17) but is available today. The last bill in Congress wanted to increase the minimum investment to $800,000 for TEA investments and $1.2 million for all others. The rule proposes to increase that to $1.3 million in TEAs and $1.8 for all others.

Here is a link to the proposed new rules. It is 115 pages long. Once I get a moment to read it in full, I will write more soon.

EB5- proposed rules 1.12.17