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For Here or To Go? Finally Hits The Big Screen! Listen To The Movie Writer Rishi Bhilwadikar!

My beloved readers will know how dearly I have cherished supporting the movie For Here or To Go?

I am thrilled to announce that the movie will finally have its theatrical release on March 31st!  See the poster for selected theatres at which the movie will be screened. As you may know, that date is a very significant one- it is the date we get to file H1b visa applications!

This is truly an exciting time and a big congratulations to the entire team for working so hard to get this out at a movie theatre near you! NBC reported on the release today. Here is a link!  And for a trailer, you can visit the Facebook page!

To celebrate this long awaited release, I am repeating my interview with the one and only Rishi Bhilwadikar. See the blog post below.  Rishi’s interview will air at 10am PST Tuesday March 28th  2017 at You can live stream or download the app. If you are in the Seattle area, you can tune in from your radio at 1250 am.

Hope you enjoy the interview and hope you will go to your nearest cinema to watch the movie. I would love to hear what you think of it so please do feel free to get in touch!


Previous blog post on the interview:

Tahmina Watson Showcard-color-NFWe are thrilled and excited to announce that Rishi Bhilwadikar, movie writer and producer of For Here or To Go? will be on our radio show on Tuesday 23rd at 10 am on Desi 1250am!  I have talked about the movie so many times that I am particularly excited about this interview!  Remember our article from The Seattle Globalist this week?Rishi-headshot

Rishi will be in town to attend the Seattle Asian American Film Festival screening of For Here or To Go? on Sunday 21st February at 12pm.  Since he is going to be in town, we were able to get him to agree to be on the show!  This is an unmissable episode of “Immigration with Tahmina”!

Rishi is a San Francisco based user experience designer and has worked for brands like Gap, Walmart e-Commerce and SAP. Originally from Mumbai, Rishi came to the U.S for a masters in interactive storytelling and video game design. He ran a popular humor blog called “Stuff Desis Like” documenting the peculiarities of Indian assimilation in to American culture. His screenplay for “For Here or To Go?” was inspired by the blog’s success. Rishi co-founded Many Cups of Chai Films to produce the film. He continues to work as a UX professional .

Tahmina and Rishi

It is no secret that I am a big fan of this movie, Rishi-the movie writer and Rucha Humnabadkar, the director.  We were fortunate to have Rucha on the show already- here is her interview.

Tune in to listen to Rishi on Tuesday 23rd February at 10am at www.desi1250am or on your radio at 1250am.  Call into the show if you want!