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An E-2 Visa Success Story: A Difficult Journey To Success

Dear Readers,

As many of you may know, I don’t generally write about our success stories. This is because our clients’ successes speak for themselves and the referrals we get from our happy clients say it all.

But this morning we had a successful case that warrants a mention. Our client, a business owner in the hospitality industry, had applied for an E-2 visa twice.  Both times, the case was denied. When our client finally found us, we had to really dig deep to make everything right for them.  There was a lot of going back and forth in explaining the issues that needed addressing.  There were complexities that arose after we started preparing.  There were difficult discussions in explaining why we needed the evidence we needed.  It was challenging for our client to understand the various aspects of the complexities involved. But they were determined and perseverant in their efforts.

As a lawyer, sometimes you have to really persevere in ensuring your clients fully comprehend the implications of the decisions they make.  This was an example of a case in which good lawyering and sound advice were essential. Had the client made decisions that were contrary to my advice, the case would have resulted in a denial.

Ultimately, they worked very hard with us to help prepare the case to everyone’s satisfaction.

And finally, this morning, I woke up to the good news that the E-2 visa was approved by the consulate!  Given the onerous challenges that we faced, it seemed worth a mention!

Have a great day!