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April 2019 Visa Bulletin Commentary

The April 2019 Visa Bulletin was just released. Below are the new priority dates. Once again, it is very disappointing to see that EB1 all countries is still not current, and the priority date has not advanced from last month’s bulletin. We have a number of clients in holding patterns and are monitoring this carefully as a result. We are hoping to see some more significant movement in the coming months.


April 2019


For all countries except India, China, Philippines, and Mexico: F2A category priority date advances 52 days to 1 March 2017, F2B preference advances 82 days to a PD of 22 October 2012, F4 category advances 101 days to 1 January 2006; EB1 advances 31 days to 1 February 2018; EB2 remains current; and EB3 remains current.


For India only: F2A category advances 52 days to a priority date of 1 March 2017, F2B preference advances 82 days to 22 October 2012, F4 advances 7 days to a PD of 15 July 2004; EB1 remains at a PD of 22 February 2017; EB2 advances 3 days to 12 April 2009; EB3 advances 31 days to a PD of 22 June 2009.


For China only: EB1 remains at a PD of 22 February 2017; EB2 advances 91 days to a PD of 1 April 2016; EB3 advances 24 days to a PD of 1 August 2015; EB5 Non-Regional Center advances 7 days to a PD of 15 September 2014; EB5 Regional Center is again available with a PD of 15 September 2014.


For Vietnam only: EB5 Non-Regional Center advances 38 days to a PD of 22 August 2016; EB5 Regional Center is again available with a PD of 22 August 2016.


Can file your immigrant applications if PD before:


F2A 15 December 2017; F2B 1 July 2014 for All Areas, except 1 July 1998 for Mexico and 1 March 2008 for Philippines; F4 1 August 2006 for All Areas, except 15 February 2005 for India, 15 November 1998 for Mexico, and 15 January 1998 for Philippines.


EB1 1 June 2018 for all countries, except 1 October 2017 for China and India; EB2 All countries except India and China are current; EB3 All countries except India, China, and Philippines are current; EB2 India advances 10 days to 22 May 2009; EB3 India remains at 1 April 2010; EB2 China advances 61 days to 1 July 2016; EB3 China remains at 1 January 2016; EB5 China (RC and Non-RC) advances 7 days to 8 October 2014; Vietnam is not individually listed and should use the all countries category.


Note from Tahmina:


In light of the recent No-RFE memo as well the NTA memos, it is important that those waiting to receive their green cards maintain their underlying visa status.

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Notes copied from the Department of State regarding Visa availability:



Final Action Date movement in many Family-sponsored and Employment-based preference categories continues to be greater than might ordinarily be expected, and this is anticipated to continue for at least the next few months. This is a direct result of fewer applicants proceeding to final action on their cases at consular posts abroad and USCIS Offices. Once large numbers of applicants begin to have their cases brought to final action, final action date movements will necessarily slow or stop. Moreover, in some categories, final action date retrogression is a possibility if demand levels are excessive. Therefore, readers should be aware that the recent rates of final action date advances will not continue indefinitely, but it is not possible to say at present when they will end.