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March 2020 Visa Bulletin Commentary

The March 2020 Visa Bulletin was released earlier this morning. No drastic changes, but we did finally see some forward movement for EB1 India after months and months of stagnation. While the category still remains severely backlogged, it is positive to see it finally go forward.




March 2020


For all countries except India, China, Philippines, and Mexico: F2A category priority date remains current, F2B preference advances 24 days to a PD of 15 September 2014, F4 category remains at 1 July 2006; EB1 advances 90 days to 1 March 2019; EB2 remains current; and EB3 retrogresses to 1 January 2017.


For India only: F2A category remains current, F2B preference advances 14 days to 22 August 2014, F4 advances 16 days to a PD of 8 December 2004; EB1 advances 59 days to a PD of 1 March 2015; EB2 advances 3 days to 22 May 2009; EB3 advances 7 days to a PD of 15 January 2009; EB5 Non-Regional Center and Regional Center advances 51 days to a PD of 22 October 2018.


For China only: EB1 advances 10 days to a PD of 1 June 2017; EB2 advances 31 days to a PD of 15 August 2015; EB3 advances 81 days to a PD of 22 March 2016; EB5 Non-Regional Center and Regional Center advances 165 days to a PD of 15 May 2015.


For Vietnam only: EB5 Non-Regional Center and Regional Center advances 31 days to a PD of 15 January 2017.


Can file your immigrant applications if PD before:


F2A 1 January 2020; F2B 15 May 2015 for All Areas, except 22 June 1999 for Mexico and 1 June 2010 for Philippines; F4 22 July 2007 for All Areas, except 8 August 2005 for India, 8 January 1999 for Mexico, and 1 July 2000 for Philippines.


EB1 Current for all countries, except 1 October 2017 for China and 15 March 2017 for India; EB2 All countries except India and China are current; EB3 1 January 2019 for all countries except India, China, and Philippines; EB2 India remains at 1 July 2009; EB3 India remains at 1 February 2010; EB2 China remains at 1 August 2016; EB3 China remains at 1 March 2017; EB5 China (RC and Non-RC) advances 214 days to 15 December 2015; Vietnam is not individually listed and should use the all countries category.


Notes from Tahmina:


In light of the No-RFE memo as well the NTA memos, it is important that those waiting to receive their green cards maintain their underlying visa status.


Notes copied from the Department of State regarding Visa availability:



As readers were advised in item E of the February Visa Bulletin, there continues to be an extremely high rate of demand for Employment Third (E3) and Third Other Worker (EW) numbers, primarily for USCIS adjustment of status applicants. Therefore, pursuant to the Immigration and Nationality Act, it has been necessary to impose E3 and EW final action dates for the month of March.

The March final action date is 01JAN17 and is being imposed immediately for all future requests for numbers.  This action will allow the Department to hold worldwide number use within the maximum allowed under these FY 2020 annual limits.  No forward movement of this date is expected in the foreseeable future.


There has been a very rapid advancement of the China-mainland born fifth preference final action date for the month of March.  This action has been taken in an effort to generate an increased level of demand. Despite the large amount of registered China fifth preference demand, currently there are not enough applicants who are actively pursuing final action on their case to fully utilize the amount of numbers which are expected to be available under the annual limit.

Once large numbers of applicants do begin to have their cases brought to final action, some type of corrective action may be required to control number use within the annual limit.  It is important to remember that applicants who are entitled to immigrant status become documentarily qualified, and potentially eligible for interview, at their own initiative and convenience. By no means has every applicant with a priority date earlier than a prevailing final action date been processed for final visa action.




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