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2nd Edition Startup Visa Book set to launch July 20th!

We are excited to announce that the 2nd edition of Tahmina Watson’s book, The Startup Visa: Key to Job Growth & Economic Prosperity in America, is set to launch Tuesday, July 20th!

Job creation. Job Growth. Economic recovery. These urgent issues in America are at the top of everyone’s minds as we try to come out of a global recession caused by an unprecedented global pandemic. Immigration law is one such tool for recovery if only Congress would create a Startup Visa.

This book provides a compelling argument for how and why U.S. immigration policy is working against our own best interest. It explores why a bipartisan Startup Visa for foreign entrepreneurs is now more crucial than ever. And it reaches back through the generations to acknowledge immigrants’ contributions to America. If we want a future of economic prosperity, the Startup Visa is essential for keeping America in this global race as the rest of the world is catching up, embracing the entrepreneurs we are turning away.
With lively analysis of how existing visa options such as H-1B, L-1A, E-2 visas are not always good fits for the modern-day investor-backed founder and with discussion of the recently restored International Entrepreneur Program, the book will be informative and educational for entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers.

Accompanied by the Startup Visa Series on Tahmina’s popular podcast, Tahmina Talks Immigration. You can find all episodes here. Guests include Stuart Anderson of the National Foundation for American Policy, John Dearie of the Center for American Entrepreneurship, Brad Feld of the Foundry Group, Jeff Farrah of the National Venture Capital Association, and more!

Pre-order link on Amazon
Category: non-fiction | Page count: 145 | Publisher: Watson Immigration Law
ISBN: Print 978-1-7357585-3-4 | ISBN: E-book 978-1-7357585-4-1
Publication date: July 20, 2021 | Price: $24.99 (Print) and $12.99 (Ebook)

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