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New Edition of Startup Visa Book to Help America’s Global Comeback


July 20th, 2021


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New edition of Startup Visa book to help America’s global comeback


SEATTLE, WA—The new, second edition of The Startup Visa: Key to Job Growth and Economic Prosperity by the award-winning immigration attorney and activist Tahmina Watson appears just as the U.S. re-emerges on the world economic stage and strives to regain a leadership position in global innovation.

This leadership can only happen, Watson says, if the country strategically deploys one of its most potent resources: immigrant entrepreneurs.

“A bipartisan startup visa for immigrant entrepreneurs is essential for keeping America in this global race before the rest of the world surpasses us,” says Watson, who is herself an American immigrant—and citizen—of Bangladeshi heritage. “Historically, America has seen its best economic success when both domestic and international workers are able to contribute.”

And, as Watson points out, many immigrant entrepreneurs “are American citizens waiting to happen.”

‘Essential reading’ for entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers

An expert in immigration law and the founder of the Watson Immigration Law firm in Seattle, Wash., Watson offers a lively analysis in her book of how existing options for immigrant entrepreneurs are not always good fits for today’s investor-backed founders. These include the H-1B, L-1A and E-2 visas. She also discusses the merits and strengths of the recently restored International Entrepreneur Program.

Stuart Anderson, the executive director of the National Foundation for American Policy, which conducts public-policy research on immigration, says that The Startup Visa provides a much-needed compass. “Anyone attempting to navigate and improve America’s often challenging legal immigration system will want to have this book.”

Watson agrees. “Entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers will all find The Startup Visa to be a helpful, practical guide,” she says. “It’s meant to be the kind of go-to reference that stays on your desk, and on your desktop.”

Brad Feld, the cofounder of Techstars, a global platform that connects entrepreneurs, investors and corporations, calls The Startup Visa “essential reading for anyone who cares about the economy, job creation and entrepreneurship in America.”

Feld wrote the foreword to this second edition, which comes six years after the first publication of Startup Visa in 2015. That was one year before the Trump administration began significantly truncating the role of immigrant entrepreneurs in the American economy. Watson’s Legal Heroes in the Trump Era, which she published a month before Joseph R. Biden became president-elect, chronicled the efforts of a number of attorneys during that time to maintain equitable processes in immigration law.

The Startup Visa, 2nd edition, will be available in e-book, and paperback on July 20th 2021. Watson’s long-running and popular podcast, Tahmina Talks Immigration, will be featuring episodes related to the book’s contents interviewing national thought leaders on the subject.

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“If we want a future of innovation and prosperity, then we need laws to enable it. Immigrant entrepreneurs bring a fresh perspective to business operations by virtue of their diverse experience and a powerful drive to succeed. The Startup Visa will help America recover an economy devastated by this global pandemic and help us regain our hard-won reputation as an economic powerhouse—a leader among nations. Without it, we risk squandering a great opportunity and resource.”

From The Startup Visa: Key to Job Growth and Economic Prosperity, 2nd edition. Copyright © Tahmina Watson 2021.