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New Podcast: “The Startup Visa Podcast” Hosted by Tahmina Watson

We are so thrilled to share that we are launching a second podcast- The Startup Visa Podcast!

Inspired by her book, The Startup Visa, Second Edition, best-selling author and award winning immigration lawyer, Tahmina Watson will host a new show to discuss issues surrounding all things related to startup immigration matters.

As we get things ready to launch in the new year, we couldn’t wait to share this news! This podcast will be specifically for startups, investors and entrepreneurs. Here are some of the episodes from our current podcast Tahmina Talks Immigration.

Thank you to Cambria Judd-Babbitt for editing and producing these shows.

Share the news with those who need to know! When we formally launch, we’ll let you know!

Thank you to all our listeners and readers who have been with us for all these years! We appreciate it!

The Startup Visa Podcast (