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Immigration reform includes E3 visa reform!

The E3 visa is for Australian citizens only at the moment.  Comprehensive immigration reform amends the Act to include Ireland now.  In other words, once the bill is enacted, citizens of Ireland will be able to apply for E3 visas.  It also seems to allow less than high requirements to be eligible. This is a great[…]

H1b FY 2014 cap met- now what?

The USCIS announced on April 5th 2013 that the annual quota for H1bs had been met. In 5 days, 85,000 visa (65,000 for bachelor’s degree holders and 20,000 for master’s) were all gone!  The USCIS did send a warning the week before that this was a possibility. (In 2007, visas were exhausted in one day).[…]