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Worldwide EB2 Retrogression- Now What?

It is no doubt a huge disappointment for many (and myself) to see today’s July 2012 visa bulletin that the ‘worldwide EB2’ visa category has retrogressed almost 3 years. This is the one category that remained consistently ‘current’ in recent years (together with EB1). So why did this happen? The Department of State (DOS) has[…]

July 2012 Visa Bulletin Commentary

The July 2012 visa bulletin was released today. Here’s the pertinent information most of my readers are looking for: For all countries except India, China, Philippines, and Mexico: F2A preference has advanced 46 days to priority date (PD) 15 February 2010 and F2B preference has advanced 17 days to 1 May 2004; F4 moves forward15[…]