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Tahmina Watson Immigration law update

BREAKING: Trump Administration Announces H-1B Visa Overhaul

Today, the DHS and DOL announced the much anticipated and dreaded rules, which affect H-1B visas and Prevailing Wage requirements for H-1Bs/PERMs, respectively. Both rules will be published as Interim Final Rules, meaning the agencies can forego the usual notice and comment requirements, with the DHS rule set to take effect 60 days from tomorrow[…]

AILA – American Immigration Lawyers Association: BALCA–Just Say No

Reprinted from AILA’s Facebook fan page. I am really enjoying AILA posts on Facebook.  Wanted to share this one as it really is a poignant issue in the world of employment-based Green Card petitions. Over the course of the last year, AILA has been posting a series of BALCA decisions. These BALCA decisions routinely deny[…]