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Sec. Johnson explains the importance of DHS funding

Sunday February 22, 2015- DHS Secretary Johnson appeared on the TV show Meet the Press. When asked about the possibility of DHS funding coming to a halt soon, he explained that the DHS funding is of utmost important esp. during a time when the national security is at such high threat.  He explained 30 thousand[…]

Seattle Metro Chambers holds immigration meeting with USCIS Director

On September 7, 2012, Seattle Metropolitan Chambers of Commerce arranged an immigration meeting with USCIS Director Mr. Alejandro Mayorkas. The meeting title “the future of high-skilled immigration’ was attended by local business leaders, lawyers and others interested in immigration issues for employment-based immigration. In his keynote speech, the Director discussed some of the issues on[…]

Just released! Deferred Action process for childhood arrivals

Today, the Director of USCIS, Mr. Alejandro Mayorkas announced further details and the process for applying for deferred action by individuals who arrived in the US in their childhood . The forms are still being created and reviewed. They will be available on the USCIS website on August 15 2012 and the fee will be[…]

A little more waiting for deferred action procedures

The government had indicated that procedures for applying for deferred action for undocumented people eligible under the DREAM Act would be announced on August 1st in view of implementation on August 15th.  No updates have been announced yet but it is hoped the announcement will be soon. Stay tuned.

Dream Act Candidates- Deferred Action/Work Permit- What to do

The USCIS issued a memo with information on requirements for requesting deferred action for DREAMers. While the guidance is effective immediately, the application is not yet available and likely will take 60 days. Gather your proof that you have been here for 5 years, and that you were here yesterday. Save receipts, and take a picture[…]

Breaking News: DHS to Offer Deferred Action to Eligible Dream Act candidates

This morning, the Obama Administration has indicated that there will be a change in policy and eligible Dream Act candidates will be offered deferred action and a work permit.  There will be a formal announcement from the White House later today.  Below is text from AILA. Stay tuned for more details as we get them:[…]