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August 2011 Visa Bulletin Commentary:

Today, the much anticipated August 2011 visa bulletin was released.  Here are the important time frames in which my clients are generally interested: For all countries except India- F2A has advanced 4 months with priorty date now 22 July 2008 in consideration; no movement since last month in the F2B preference; EB2 remains current and EB3 sees[…]

Visa Bulletin for May 2011 out

The May 2011 Visa Bulletin was released today.  Below is a copy of important text regarding visa availability for Family and Employment based categories in the coming months. D. VISA AVAILABILITY DURING THE COMING MONTHS Family-sponsored:  The extremely high level of demand during the first few months of FY-2011 resulted in the retrogression of most[…]

April 2011 Visa Bulletin out

The visa bulletin for April 2011 was released today.  Not much good news to report.  Below is a copy of the pertinent message regarding F1 retrogression. D. RETROGRESSION OF FAMILY PREFERENCE CUT-OFF DATES Continued heavy applicant demand for numbers in the Family First (F1) preference category has required the retrogression of the Worldwide, China-mainland born,[…]